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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

Year 5

Curriculum Map 


Autumn Term: The Victorians:

Throughout this term, we will become detectives and analyse sources of evidence.  We will make judgements and opinions on these and debate our ideas.  Queen Victoria was a popular monarch, we will look at why, taking ourselves back in time and deciding whether we would have liked her if we were poor, rich, catholic, protestant, a royal, a monarch from another country etc.  We will become inventors, looking at how the lives of Victorian people changed and think what we would like to invent to help them.  Debating with hindsight, we will decide whether we think the Industrial revolution was a good thing or a bad thing and why.  Thinking about travel through from The Victorian era to now, we will look at how the introduction of the railways changed the travel trade.  Thinking about how lucky we are, we will compare our lives to the children in the Victorian times and look at the working conditions in the factories, coal mines and as chimney sweeps and think about who did go to school and what that was like.  Looking at inspirational people, we will see how we can aim to be more like Lord Shaftsbury and stand up for other people who can't always stand up for themselves.  


Spring Term: Biomes and Climate Change: 

This term we will be explorers and crusaders, learning about the planet and how we can help it.  By identifying all the countries, continents, and oceans, we will gain a better understanding of the different climates and biomes.  By learning about the time zones, we will be able to 'go back in time'.  It will be our task to identify what physical and human features we can find around the world along lines of longitude and latitude.  The use of atlases will become second nature to us.  As part of our efforts to save the planet, we will take a closer look at the impact of climate change and global warming and what can be done to prevent them.  As a group, we will advocate for an end to deforestation, desertification, and the melting of ice caps. 


Summer Term: Indus Valley and Passion For Fashion:

Throughout this term, we will become detectives, architects, and archaeologists in order to understand what the term 'earliest civilisation' refers to.  We will determine where the Indus Valley Civilization existed in the world.  We will examine significant discoveries and learn how the first houses were constructed in the Indus Valley.  We will then become architects and design our own plans for a house.  Looking at how the Indus people spend their day, we will decide whether we would have enjoyed their lifestyle and why.  We will spend time looking at what trade is and how it is possible to trade without money.    

Becoming fashion designers and sustainable fashion champions, we will look at the impact of fast fashion and how to combat this ever growing industry.  We will look at how materials are made, joined and decorated.  We will learn to sew using backstitch, running stitch, cross stitch and blanket stitch.  Once we can sew, we will become fashion designers to design and amend our own piece of clothing; problem solving and developing an awareness of composition.