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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

Year 3


This is our Geography topic Enormous Explorers. Explorers are people who travel to new places in the world and discover new things that they didn’t know existed. So much of what we know today about our world is because we have been explorers in the past. Being an explorer is exciting but scary at the same time. Within this unit the children will be learning through a range of subjects: Geography, History, Art and Science. Through their Geography learning, the children will be finding out how to use geographical terms, how to use different types of world maps, how to look for geographical information and about places we have explored on holiday. In History, the children will be finding out about explorers and adventurers in the past, how to gather information from maps, pictures and books, how to answer simple questions about exploration and how explorers told the time and navigated at sea. In their Art learning, they will be finding out about the artwork of explorer artists, how to draw plants and animals with accuracy and how to draw an imaginary plant or animal. 


This is our History topic We will be exploring the Iron Age period. We will look at what made this period in history special, exploring the discoveries and inventions. We will look at what iron age people were really like and discover what it would have been like to live in those times. We will examine the types of homes people used to live in, what they ate and how they farmed. We will also learn why historical artefacts are important and how we can use them to help us discover information about the past. We will then find out all about our city of Sheffield. We will look particularly closely at the steel industry as Sheffield is famous for making steel. Benjamin Huntsman discovered the crucible technique for making steel in 1740. We shall also visit Kelham Island to see the Bessemer converter steelmaking furnace invented by Henry Bessemer in 1856. Henry moved to Sheffield to make steel. Later, in 1912, Harry Brearly invented stainless steel in Sheffield.


This is our Art/DT topic. In this topic we will learn all about the Ancient Egyptians. First we will investigate the men and women who studied the kingdoms of Egypt and explore their discoveries. Then we will look at some of the Pharaohs and the development of the pyramids, as well as the mythology that permeated Ancient Egypt. We will also look at the role the Nile had in allowing this civilisation to flourish and examine daily life, comparing it to our own. We will develop an understanding of important aspects of the daily life of the Ancient Egyptians; including jobs, food, and games.