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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

Year 2

Year 2 Curriculum

Curriculum Map

Autumn Term

This is our Geography term.  We become 'eco-warriors' of the oceans, through our work as marine biologists.  Firstly, we explore our wonderful world by learning the names of the oceans, where they are in world, and information about each of the oceans.  Then we move onto the continents, to get a real overview of our entire planet being made up of the oceans and continents.  Then our role as marine biologists really takes off, as we explore different whale habitats, and then focussing our enquiries on the blue whale, learning all that we can about the magnificent animal.  Our enquiries will come to a shocking climax where we discover the multiple threats to our oceans, and what we can and must do to help prevent any further pollution.  This is reinforced by the trip to The Deep, where we will be amazed by the variety of sea creatures, but also get introduced to the threats to our ocean and the conservation work that many do.  We finish with our showstopper of using plastic to create a striking marine creature model.  


Spring Term

This is our History term.  We begin our topic by focussing on what we know "now" with regard to medicine and general health care.  Children will gain a strong understanding of our NHS and the amazing work they do.  Using this knowledge we then pose the question of, what did people do before all of this?  From here we travel back in time to explore different methods of medicine through the ages, and try to solve different ailments using a wide selection of plants and herbs.  Our investigation of disease and medicine continues until we encounter The Plague.  We look at symptoms, transmission, methods of prevention, and the eventual ending of it with The Great Fire of London.  As we explore the events of The Great Fire of London in more detail, we will also look at diaries, artwork and poetry.  We get back on track with our investigation of how medicine has changed over the years by looking at influential figures in the history of medicine, such as Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and a trip to the Thackery Museum.  We complete our topic by linking with DT and making a puppet of one of these influential figures, and using our puppets to tell the story of them.  

Summer Term

This is our Art/DT term.  We use Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to inspire us to delve into the world of chocolate and design!  As colour is one of the main focusses in our topic this term, we ensure we have a strong understanding of how we can make different colours using just three primary colours.  We explore the exciting use of colour in the form of Pop Art, learning about Vas Paris, Keith Haring, and our main focus being Andy Warhol.  We look at how pop art has been used in food, and investigate how Cadbury have led the chocolate industry with exciting packaging choices.  We combine our new-found interest in pop art, food packaging, and chocolate to make and design our very own chocolate bars and packaging.