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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

Writing, Grammar and Spelling

Our English Curriculum is based around quality texts which are covered in depth, throughout the term. Where possible texts are linked to themes, topics and current events in order to create writing opportunities with purpose.

We want all children to feel like writers who are proud of their work.  To get to this point, we want the children’s range of vocabulary to increase exponentially alongside their ability to edit their own and others’ work to make it the best it can be.  Children should take pride in their written work in all subjects and this should become evident in the quality of their work.  Children should be aware of the process of writing and know where they are on their writing journey.  For this reason, we have created our own bespoke curriculum to suit the needs of our children.  


Our aim is for all children to be proud of their writing, by ensuring that they have access to a wide ranging vocabulary that they understand and can use effectively.  We want children to understand the etymology of words and be able to break them down into their root words to help with meaning.  We want all children to be able to form sentences accurately using a range of skills.  We want this to be introduced through shape coding to help all children to visualise what this looks like.  We want children to look forward to writing as they know clearly the process that they need to follow.  We want all children to be able to edit their own work and their peers’ work effectively to make it the best it can be.  We want all children to celebrate their writing by sharing it in a way of their choosing. We want all children to be able to write for pleasure. 

This is the writing journey that our children will follow, starting with stimulus: 

It is important that children are inspired to write; the use of a stimulus (picture, video, story, newspaper etc.) provides this.  

Each child is provided with a journal that they can write, draw and take notes in throughout each unit - the children ADORE these  and they have become a valued part of the children's English lessons. 

These are the texts used for Writing.

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Grammar and Spelling are taught within the English lessons.