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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

The Arts


At St Joseph’s, we believe that Art and Design are fundamental to providing a broad and balanced learning experience for every child. All children deserve the opportunity to become artists! Therefore, children are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge, whilst at the same time becoming more cultural aware and creative. We feel this will lead to them being more imaginative, self-confident and happy.

Children are introduced to a wide variety of creative forms and develop skills and knowledge across four key areas: drawing, painting and mixed media, sculpture and 3D, and craft and design. Art Units are planned to develop skills, creativity, knowledge and reflection.

Sketch books are used for children to develop their ideas and encourage expression. They are also used to track progression and skills development.

Artwork is displayed in an eye-catching and appealing way so that children know their work is valued.

Summer term is the term when we have an Arts and Design focus and all the children work towards our wonderful Art Show at the end of term. Art is also taught throughout the year and related to other curriculum subjects for example looking at religious imagery in RE or creating Viking shields in History.