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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

St Joseph's MAKER Spirit


Our school provides a broad and balanced curriculum that ensures students make good progress across all subjects. This is achieved through high-quality teaching and learning, which is supported by regular assessment and feedback to students.

Our teachers have a deep understanding of their subjects and use this to plan lessons that are engaging, challenging and meet the needs of all learners. They provide a range of opportunities for our children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding, including practical activities, group work and independent research.

We place a strong emphasis on developing our children’s' personal development, knowledge and values. This is achieved through a range of activities and experiences that promote social, moral, spiritual, and cultural development, as well as physical and mental well-being. Teachers and support staff work closely with students to develop their confidence, resilience, and sense of responsibility, both in the classroom and beyond.

This term we have developed our  learning behaviours further and have adopted the MAKER spirit.

Sometimes referred to as a type of ‘mindset’ or ‘out of the box’ thinking, we believe that given the right environment and opportunities, everyone can develop a way of being that helps us to see the world as full of possibilities. This is our Maker{Spirit}.