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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy


Our science curriculum is skills based, focussing on the working scientifically skills of 

  • Pattern seeking 

  • Observing over time 

  • Asking questions 

  • Research using secondary sources

  • Identifying, classifying and grouping 

  • Fair and comparative testing

Science lessons are fun, memorable and a chance for children to be curious and explore the world around them. 


Science through the Year Groups:

Y1: Seasons, Senses, Animals, Plants, Materials, 


Y2: Living Things and Their Habitats, Animals Inc. Humans, Plants, Materials, Forces 

Y3: Rocks and Soils, Animals inc. Humans, Habitats, Forces and Magnets, Light, Plants 

Y3 Light Johnny |

Y4: Electricity, Sound, Living Things and Their Habitats, Animals Inc. Humans, States of Matter

Y5: Properties and materials, Space, forces, living things and their habitats, Animals inc. humans

Y6: Light, Electricity, Evolutions, Living things (micro organisms) and their habitats, animals including humans

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