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Read Write Inc at St Joseph's

We are all passionate about enabling our children at St Joseph’s to develop a love for reading and become fluent readers.

We follow the Read Write Inc programme written by Ruth Miskin. It is a synthetic phonics programme that teaches all children the skills that they need to become confident readers. Children learn the 44 sounds in the English language and how to use sound blending to decode, alongside developing writing and spelling skills. 

As the children progress in their phonics learning, they have the pleasure of reading a range of exciting and engaging story books that are matched to their phonic skills. Children are given the opportunity to practise reading these books during the week so that they have success and develop confidence in reading. 

We start the programme in EYFS and children follow the programme through until they are confident readers with good understanding and comprehension. 

We teach our phonics lessons daily with reading and writing activities and the children are assessed every 6 weeks to ensure they are in the group that meets their needs. 

Supporting your child at home

Set 1 Sounds
First, your child will begin reading and writing their set 1 speed sounds and develop their oral blending skills. They are introduced to Fred the Frog who only talks in sounds. Children will learn to sound blend green words containing the set 1 sounds they have learnt using Fred Talk. They will apply their sound blending skills by reading the RWInc story books starting with the short ditty stories and progressing to the red story books. Your child will also begin to learn the set 1 special friends sh, th, ch, ng, nk. 



Learn how to say the sounds

Follow the above link to a video to support your child with pronouncing their pure sounds. These are the set 1 single set sounds they will be learning in autumn term in Reception. 

 Independent Blending

When we are teaching the children to write, we use the RWInc writing rhymes to support with letter formation. Here are the rhymes that we use for letter formation...

Set 2 sounds
Once your child has learnt the set 1 sounds, they will progress onto learning the set 2 sounds (ay, ee, igh, ow, oo, oo, ar, or, air, ir, ou, oy). Children will continue to read RWInc story books to build fluency and to read green words containing the set 2 sounds. 


Set 3 sounds 

Once your child has learnt the set 2 sounds, they will progress onto learning the set 3 sounds. Children will continue to read RWInc story books to build fluency and to read green words and nonsense words containing the set 3 sounds. 

Reading at Home

Your child’s RWInc tutor will send home Read Write Inc book bag books and the same story they have read the previous week. This means the book your child brings home will always contain sounds and words they have already been taught in school so at home they can practise these confidently. This will help them to consolidate and retain their phonics learning, making them fluent readers. Reading these books a few times during the week will really support your child’s learning. Your child will also come home with a reading for pleasure book this is a book to share together. 

For more information on Read Write Inc:

Parent guide to Read Write Inc - 





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