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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

Our Curriculum

At St. Joseph’s we have designed a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which motivates and inspires our children to learn. We recognise that in our community there is a need for resilience and perseverance therefore we encourage a growth mind-set across the school, in all areas of learning, enabling our children to tackle new endeavours with confidence and flair. We encourage and support the children to aim high and offer lots of opportunities for children to challenge themselves. We have developed a skills based and knowledge rich curriculum based on a mastery approach which allows the children to practise and deepen their learning each year.

We want our children to:

  • Be passionate about their learning,
  • Participate in purposeful experiences
  • Have a wide range of memorable experiences which are instilled in their long term memory
  • Build on their natural curiosity and creativity.
  • Have high aspirations
  • Have a deeper and broader understanding of subjects
  • Recognise and celebrate their own talents
  • Raise their self-esteem and confidence through a positive growth-mind set.


We have developed this curriculum to:

  • Give children an understanding of Catholic values and beliefs and an understanding of other faiths and cultures.
  • Be broad and balanced for all pupils- all pupils studying all subjects
  • Sequence learning in each subject
  • Make purposeful, progressive links across the subjects
  • Raise teacher expectations of what the children can achieve and understand
  • Raise expectations of what pupils can attain in each subject
  • Raise aspirations of parents
  • Equip the children with an understanding of wellbeing, both physically and mentally and to have healthy relationships