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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy




Welcome to Nursery.

The Nursery Team this term is : Mrs Halligan , Mrs Hirst and Mrs Marshall. 

Communication, language and Literacy
We are going to listen to our focus texts for this half-term exploring our themes of growing, looking after our bodies, and people who help us. We are going to be learning and using new vocabulary and engaging in ‘book talk’ about each story. We are going to practise retelling stories using small world and join in with repeated phrases.  Every day we will have our ‘Time for Talk’ with Ollie the Owl. We will be practising our turn taking and speaking with our friends. 

In phonics this half-term we are going to be learning all about rhyming. We are going to play lots of rhyming games to develop our listening skills  and sing lots of nursery rhymes.

Personal Social Development
This term, we are going to continue to use our zones of regulation to talk about how we are feeling. We are going to talk about how we are ‘super me’ and how to be a good friend to each other. We are going to be talking about how to be more independent by the children zipping their coats, finding solutions to problems through talk and learning how to take care of our bodies (making healthy choices, hand washing, and the importance of brushing our teeth).

Physical Development  
We are going to develop our gross and fine motor skills in our indoor and outdoor provision. This half-term we are going to focus on improving our core muscles and building up our fine motor strength through dough disco. 

In our maths learning we are going to be learning our numbers to 5. We have a number of the week and explore representing our numbers to 5 using objects in our provision and including number talk in our everyday conversations. For example, how many bananas do we need for snack-time today? Have we got enough? We are going to be exploring 2D and 3D shapes and begin to look at shape and colour patterns we can see around us.

Reading for pleasure 
Every Wednesday is our Library day when each child is able to take a new book home to share with parents. 

Each week we have an exciting baking activity. We base this activity on children's interests and if we can our focus text of the week.