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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy



Mrs Trewick, Mrs Halligan and Mrs Hirst would like to say Happy New Year and wish you all health and happiness for the year ahead. 

This term we will be looking at traditional tales from around the world, some of our oldest and most treasured stories. Children often get the first true sense of their surrounding world through traditional stories, as they can subtly teach children the importance of respecting different attitudes, culture and religions.  Learning stories teaches children how to read and interpret words and form detailed flowing sentences.


This term, we are re capping our rhyming words for the first week. We are then moving onto syllables and early phonics. In the coming weeks, each child will be given specific phonics in relation to their abilities. At this time the most important resource we have is you, continue to ask open ended questions, back and forth conversations and lots and lots of stories.


This term we continue to concentrate on our numbers up to 10. I will make an online maths meeting presentation which you can go through with your children for speedy maths, counting on and recognising numbers in their relation to quantity. Number recognition and mathematical language is our focus this term. 

 Art and design

Each day I will attach an art activity relating to the story, by completing these activities the children are developing fine motor skills, creative development and communication and language.

Pencil control.

I have attached a range of pencil control work sheets, if you do not have a printer do not worry. By making different shapes on paper and then encouraging your child to draw around the shapes or follow the line this will encourage their pencil grip.

Home Learning 

Home learning timetables are available under 'Home learning resources' all the links and resources will also be sent out to each child as well as being available online. 

Stay safe, 

Best wishes 

Mrs Trewick