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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy



Welcome . 

Welcome to Nursery, we are very excited to start our new school year. 

The Nursery Team this term is : Mrs Halligan , Mrs Hirst and Mrs Marshall. 

The topic this term is 'All about me'  

Within this topic we will be exploring, our scenes, our emotions, how our bodies move and our skeletons.  September is also a key time to settle in all the children and get to know their interests. 


This term, we are mainly focusing on stage one phonics. Listening and speaking activities.  Practising our super sentences and learning new vocabulary. 


This term we will be working on our number recognition 1-10, Introducing our maths meetings. 

Fine motor and gross motor skills. 

This term we are working on our gross and fine motor skills. We will be exploring different ways our bodies move. We are also practising our pencil and scissor control.

Reading for pleasure 

This term we will be exploring a range of different texts. During the nursery day we read at least 2-3 books, we encourage each child to explore different books and text on a regular basis. Every Wednesday is our Library day when each child is able to take a new book home to share with parents. 


Each week we have an exciting baking activity! they range from lion bread- apple crumble :)