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St Joseph’s subject overviews- History


At St Joseph’s we want our history curriculum to tap into children’s natural curiosities and fascinations about Britain’s past, that of the wider world and about Britain’s past in relationships to others. We encourage children to consider the impact of different and diverse cultures from the past and question what we can learn from them as well as from the qualities and achievements of significant individuals. We want the children to have a sense of chronology and a good understanding of change as time passes. We want the children to explore how changes in Britain have occurred and consider influences from the wider world. Children will learn about influential and significant figures of the past, both in their living memories and beyond living memory. We want the children to build on their natural inclination to explore, not just what they can see and feel but what they can experience through expanding their knowledge of what happened in the past, and importantly why we think it happened. This is the children taking on the role of historian, using key skills to lead their learning and their exploration of the past in great detail and depth.




At St.Joseph’s Academy, we aspire to help children develop as historians, building progressively each year on the following history skills:



We recognise the importance of dedicating enough time for the coverage of a topic and have split the terms accordingly. We dedicate a whole term to a history themed topic. For KS1 this is the Spring term and for KS2 this is the Autumn term. Each topic has a close link to the English Mastery text being studied. There are close links with all aspects of the curriculum especially Music, Art, DT, PSHE. Teachers have highlighted key knowledge and skills which drive all medium term plans. Teachers consider ways in which to make the learning exciting and engaging and plan for memorable experiences. Within our knowledge-rich approach to teaching and learning throughout the school, there is a strong emphasis on people and the community of our local area. We seek and nourish active links with this local community by educational experiences including visits to places of historical significance in the life of the community. We welcome guest speakers especially those who can bring stories and living memory to enhance the teaching base.


See our class pages for more info about Knowledge organisers...



We measure the effectiveness of the children’s growing understanding of each topic by seeking evidence of the acquisition of key skills and knowledge by regular examination of History and English books. Outcomes of work are regularly monitored to ensure that they reflect a sound understanding of the key identified knowledge. Evidence in books may be in a variety of forms such as written work or photographs. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, and develop perspective and judgement. We seek to ensure that children understand that they can influence the world in which they live, and that they recognise that they can play a part. Our aim is to help them want to continue to explore history at greater depth as they continue their educational careers and beyond.