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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
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Careers Corner


This year, in collaboration with Sheffield Girls, St Josephs have hosted a number of sessions, to raise the aspirations of our children and give them another perspective of how secondary education differs from primary education.

 During the 10 weeks, we learnt about the girl’s hopes for the future and also the amount of effort and resilience that was needed to get there. They explored with the children the subjects that were needed to access different degree level courses and also future careers.


The children really enjoyed these sessions and showed real interest in the topics covered. Here is some of their feedback ...

Y6 really enjoyed the Sheffield Girls students visiting our school and sharing their careers and knowledge with us. We were particularly inspired by the students' knowledge of dentistry, performing arts and law presentations. It helped us to think about what we need to do in order to pursue our dreams. We thank them and Mrs Good for their time.”

I liked learning about law because I think it is really interesting. Also it can help people . I really like debating.” Joseph 

I enjoyed them all but the one that stood out the most was the artist. I really liked the way that she explained what she did. She showed the photos of people and showed us how she drew them . She was very talented.” Attie 

I loved the performing arts because I love theatre and plays. I also love William Shakespeare and the pantomime. The girls showed us some fantastic plays and actions.” Sam 

I absolutely loved all of them - but the one I loved the most was the dentist. This one reached out to me the most, she really inspired me.” Tianna “All of them were amazing but my personal favourite was the girls who spoke about astro-physics . I loved their presentation / talk and the way that they explained everything about it . I found it fascinating and it was fun !” Dominic 

“I liked the lawyer because I would like to be one and she was very knowledgeable. “ Megan 

Our Tree of Hope


Our beautiful "Tree of Hope," in the school reception, displays many of the aspirations and hopes of our children. We feel that our many visiting speakers and opportunities have a positive impact on the children and their hopes for the future.