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We are incredibly proud of all of our children, both present and past. We love to hear of the children’s success, once they move onto secondary school and beyond.

 Many of our alumni come back to see us and share their experiences with present pupils. These sessions are always incredibly inspirational and give our children lots of food for thought.

Charlotte Hegarty

On leaving St Joseph's, Charlotte continued her education at Notre Dame High School. There she achieved an incredible 13 Gcses' and 3 A-levels. She is currently studying Law with Politics (LLB). Her goal is to be a solicitor and specialise in an aspect of law.

Charlotte shared some fantastic advice with our  KS2 children.

  • Things change and don’t go to plan – but that is OK as another door will open.

  • Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

  • Being nasty gets you nowhere.

  • Dreaming small gets you small things – aim high!

  • Enjoy the present.



Alastair Grant and Emma Grant

 This term, Alastair visited us along with his sister Emma. It was lovely to see them both back in school and to hear about their achievements.

Alastair shared a bit of his journey with us….

He left St Joseph's to start Y7 at All Saints Catholic High School, where he achieved 11 GCSES. He continued to study in his sixth form and achieved three A-levels, in Geography, DT and Physics.

He is currently studying Architectural Technology at Nottingham Trent University and is well on his way to achieving a first class degree.

We wish them both every success for the future.

The children were incredibly inspired…

"They made us realise that there isn't only one path, they really made you think that anything is possible." Ollie Y6

"They had both done so well, it was incredible to think that they had both sat in our classroom years before !"Sopihe Y6

Lenny Sangwa

Lenny now attends Birkdale School. He achieved some of the highest scores in their entrance examinations, and is continuing to do extremely well there.

He spoke to our KS2 children about the things he achieved whilst at St Joseph's, that have made a real difference to him. He was a Liturgy Leader, a School Councillor, he helped in Nursery and always took part in any sporting opportunities.

Lenny shared some really useful tips with our children.

  • It is important to reflect daily. If you haven’t understood something, then let your teacher know and ask for help.

  • Always do your homework. This will help you.

Lenny loves science. When he leaves school he would like to train in medicine. His goal is to become a surgeon.

His motto is,” Always try your hardest in everything that you do. This is incredibly important, because by doing this you can achieve any of your goals.”

We can see great things ahead for Lenny!