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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy


St Joseph’s Primary School, a CVA is a Church aided school in the Diocese of Hallam. This means that the members of Parish and the Diocese of Hallam have contributed towards the cost of building the school and continue to care for its buildings and its people.

The school provides distinctive Christ centred, Catholic education for children aged 4+ to 11+ years, with priority being given to Catholic children who live within the parish of St Joseph’s, Handsworth.

It is a Catholic Voluntary Academy in which the Governing Body is responsible for admissions.  It is guided in that responsibility by the requirements of law; the requirements of the Trust Deed and the school’s Instrument of Government; by advice from the Diocesan Trustees and its duty to the Catholic community and the Common Good.

Please note that admission to St Joseph’s Primary School, a Catholic Voluntary Academy does not guarantee admission to a Catholic High School, which has its own admission policy.

Please download the attachment below to view the whole policy.


The Admission Policy 2022/23 can be found at