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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

A Whole School Year Group Curriculum Overview

St. Joseph’s Creative Curriculum

We have created a bespoke and unique curriculum with a thematic approach. Our starting points are History, Geography and Art/DT which in most classes support the English Mastery text being taught at the same time. From there teachers decide upon a concept which then drives the learning through the topic. The concepts are to give our learning purpose and make it real and relevant to our children.

Themes have been organised across each year group to ensure that the national curriculum key skills are being covered and progression across year groups is strong. Each term there is a key stage focus. There is flexibility within each term so that teachers plan opportunities for sub foci (STEM and Humanities), meaning that we get a balance of all subjects across the year.

Organising the curriculum in this way has meant that teachers are able to plan more purposeful units of work, which allow the children to spend longer practising and deepening skills and knowledge. We believe this will lead to a rich curriculum and has the most impact for our learners.


When planning, teachers think about how best they will engage their children. We want to create exciting and memorable experiences for the children, at the same time ensuring it is purposeful learning. Each class plans a bare minimum of a wow beginning and a wow end to their topics.


They also include at least one field trip per term and have special visitors. Ways in which we celebrate our learning are through museum galleries, assemblies and showcases.


Check out our year group curriculum pages for more information and a sneak peak at what we get up to!