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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy

Year 1. Week 1. Done!

Year 1 have been amazing this week! Mr Findler, Mrs Parker, Mrs Marshall and Mrs Fiddler are all looking forward to an exciting year with this enthusiastic class!  Behaviour has been incredible and ALL children have settled into the big transition to Year 1.  

We have started our topic of 'We All Went On Safari' with a strange letter that arrived.  We have been invited to go to a place called Tanzania to carry out some important work.  With the help of Google Earth we first located where we are in Sheffield and then flew over to Africa.  So far we know that Sheffield is in England, and they are both in a continent called Europe; Tanzania is far away in a continent called Africa.  Our first impressions are that Sheffield and Tanzania seem VERY different!

We'll keep you posted as we discover more!