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Year 5 Class blog


Today, Y5 had an amazing time at Magna Science Museum!  We learnt all about forces in our Balloons and Rockets Workshop and enjoyed exploring the 4 pavilions - Water, Earth, Air and Fire -  as well as a visit to the Big Melt to learn all about the steel industry. 

 We learnt about gravity pulling the hot air balloon down, whilst the hot liar is providing upthrust to keep it up. 

We learnt that a man named 'Hero' was the first person to realise about 'thrust' to power a rocket. 

More compressed air released more quickly will lead to a louder, faster rocket. 

Finns make the rocket go straighter, faster and further. (We were aiming for Mrs Loveridge!)

Chemical reactions give off carbon dioxide.  The gas has nowhere to go, so it compresses and squeezes until it is smaller and smaller and eventually POPS!





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