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St Joseph's Academy

St. Joseph's
Catholic Academy


 Welcome to Nursery!

Mrs Halligan,  Mrs Hirst and Mrs Trewick are all looking forward to an exciting year in Nursery.

Our topics will be...

Autumn 1

All about me

Autumn 2

Traditional stories

Spring 1

Cold places around the world

Spring 2


Summer 1




Nursery is all about learning through play. We plan every activity thoroughly, using the Foundation Stage Curriculum, ensuring that the children meet the learning objectives set. All children learn at different rates and this is acknowledged through the level of challenge we have throughout Nursery. We have high expectations and strive to enable every child to reach their potential and build the skills required for their future education. These are the areas of learning which we teach in Nursery.

3 prime areas

  • Communication and Language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

4 specific areas

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

We teach Phonics on a daily basis building the children’s early reading and writing skills. This is delivered through fun and interactive 10 minute sessions where we use a variety of techniques to develop the children’s speaking and listening skills. This is all supported through the RWI letter rhymes which enable the children to say the rhyme, helping them to form the letters correctly. (please see the phonic handout or ask us for any further information).

Underpinning all of our learning is our Catholic ethos. We teach RE every week and begin and end our day with our Nursery prayer. The children will build their understanding of Jesus throughout their time with us and learn about world religions and celebrations.cro

Our Nursery prayer

From my head to my heart,

From my shoulder to my shoulder,

I belong to Jesus. (Sign of the cross)

Dear God,

You know me and you love me. I want to know you and love you too. Amen.

From my head to my heart,

From my shoulder to my shoulder,

I belong to Jesus.

(Sign of the cross)

There are lots of ways you can support your child’s learning at home and these are a few ideas to get you started...

  • Read a book every day- talk about the pictures, pick out recognisable letters, ask what might happen next etc
  • Count- there are lots of opportunities to count around the house, going up and down stairs, counting out plates for dinner, counting to 10 for all the toys to be put away etc
  • Getting dressed independently- encourage your children to dress and undress independently, including putting on their own shoes and coat.
  • Jigsaws- these are a great way to build problem solving skills, spatial awareness and fine motor skills (building finger/hand muscles).
  • Name writing- Any name writing practice you can do with your child would be beneficial. We will send you home a RWI name card to help you practice.